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It's the job that most people put off. Having to get your hands dirty and using chemicals or elbow grease to shift the burnt on cheese and charred food. In today's busy schedules, most people don't have the time to spare keeping on top of the oven and hob cleaning.

Let Dream Clean Ovens take the heat off. Ovens are our speciality. We can get your single or double ovens, range ovens and AGAs looking their very best, while you get on with your higher priority tasks. Our price includes all shelves and racks too!


Over-spilling porridge, defrosting meat, baking buttery jacket potatoes? Everyone uses their microwaves often, leading to quick build-up of grime resulting to less-than fresh smells.

At Dream Clean Ovens we can get them smelling fresh as a... clean microwave.

Eco Friendly

We only use eco-friendly products in your home. These are non-toxic, non-caustic and fume-free, which will leave your appliances safe to use immediataly afterwards. It also means you and your family will not have to leave the room while we work.


Our cleaning services are not limited to ovens and microwaves. We also clean extractor fans, halogen hobs, gas hobs, electric hobs and even BBQs!

We are fully insured to give you peace of mind. We also sell bulbs and clean grill pans.